Missing Babbage

I tweet a lot. Around the 12k mark in fact and that’s in just a couple of years.

I love twitter because I know quite a lot of people on it and it’s a great way to keep up to date with the Pi community, since everyone who’s a major part of it has a twitter account. One tweet can start a bunch of people talking, creating ideas and building on what each other’s said, spark debate, help fund a tech project, answer a question someone else was struggling with.

Anyway, I really realised how many friends I have on twitter that will gladly share something that sounds ridiculous for a 20 year old woman: the fact I lost my teddybear, Babbage. For those that don’t know, Babbage bears are the little guys with raspberry pi t-shirts, and I sewed about £35 worth of wearables into mine…and then he fell out of my bag.

Look at his little face

Look at his little face

He was also particularly special to me as he was a freebie since he was a reject Pimoroni couldn’t sell.

Anyway, having tweeted, a few people started a hashtag #findBabbage and sent round a bunch of photos and heartfelt statements about him. He’s not turned up yet, I need to phone lost property again to see if they have him, but sometimes I forget how far a little thing can spread, and it makes me smile so many people passed it on.

If he never comes back, then I hope whoever finds him researches the stuff I put in his shirt and tries to make them work. It’d be nice to have spread some more electronics love.

Additionally, pimoroni sent me Charlie, to come rescue him:

said headlamp is now my moodlight in my room…


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