Things to do before I finish in Bristol

11th December from the backup vaults of David Whale’s email inbox…

This was going to be “things to do next year” but that seems a bit like “I’ll start my diet tomorrow” kind of attitude. I did have a list somewhere on here but I think I’ll limit it a little. Anyway here we go!

1. Actually go to a Bristol digital/web folk/ruby/python meet up. I joined several meet up groups when bored/alone and the only one I’ve dared to go to is the games hub. I’m still a bit intimidated attending and knowing I’ll be the only girl, I have to be honest, but I really need to stop doing that…also since I’ve had friends I’ve got less motivated to go to stuff.

2. Make a simple app for my phone. I’m thinking of doing a weasleys clock – if you’re not familiar, in Harry Potter the weasleys have a clock tracking where family members are. Whilst idk if I can afford all my family members GPS modules plus controllers for them, my two sisters have smart phones so I’m figuring writing an app tracking myself would be a good place to start. Eventually I’ll infiltra-i mean ask permission to test it with my family.
The app would also be a good way to start in android development as I do need to do some Java and location services are used in lots of apps.

3. Look round UWE/Bristol electronics departments. Whilst its unlikely I’ll be back for masters as they’re more pricey at Bristol, no harm in having a nosey.

4. Start practising numerical reasoning. I suck at these tests and they’re important if I want to get onto a grad scheme, so I want to have them cracked and get into practising repeatedly by the time I’m back at Hull. To any other comp sci students, and also students from other courses like finance and business, you should also do this. I know many companies use them because I did a lot applying for summer placements and flunked pretty much all of them. I’m OK at maths, but not quick maths. I don’t intend for this to stop me from getting my dream job after university (I still don’t know what that is) as it did with summer applications.

5. Have a list of masters courses and graduate schemes I will apply to in September time. One of my friends said to me “stop stressing so much about what you’re doing next you have loads of time”. Erm. I don’t think that’s true. As well as experience the year down here has made me pause for thought and focussed my brain. When I get back I know for a fact grad schemes for 2015 will close by at minimum December, and if you apply on or close to the deadline the position may already be gone. As I don’t know if I want to leave or study a masters, I’m applying for both and seeing what turns up. The only thing I know I want is something exciting, like python for NASA (yes I have googled it. I need to be an American citizen to do that -_-), so please feel free to fire jobs that sound cool my way. That’s not yo say I won’t look at less spacey jobs, but I want something that I’m excited to work on.

I think that’s enough for now. I could go to 10 but I don’t think I’d check them all off or I’d forget.


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