Workshop update 2, and Raspberry Jamboree this week

Last week I recieved the funding off uni to get going with buying my kit, so duly I emailed a few sellers I’d not got a quote from just yet, and since I was up North this last weekend, took a detour into town to speak to Paul from Pimoroni about the kit and how much education discount I could get off.

After pulling out everything I needed (I felt quite a lot like a kid in a candy shop standing infront of baskets upon baskets of Adafruit stock…) which amasses to:

37 gemmas (1 for emergencies/showing what to do, 36 for the guides)

72 neopixels

4 conductive thread bobbins

a lot of snaps so that I can reuse the gemmas and LEDs


All the swag

Paul told me Pimoroni does a 20% educational discount, but were additionally willing to give a further 10% as a company donation, which I’m dead chuffed with. Yeah team Sheffield!
A big thank you also to Gareth from 4tronix who offered a discount for the GEMMAs and to Ben at Phenoptix who offered a discount on my kit, aswell as Proto-pic who do a 10% student discount as standard and were willing to let the kids I’m working with have that discount too – it’s hard to try and balance out all the electronics companies around rasPi and hacking so that I do business with everyone, but rest assured it was much appreciated, just easy to go into town and pick up everything at once. Pimoroni also have hypnotic powers that force me to spend more money there…
I’ll try and make sure I use a few different sellers if poss in future to spread the love.

Anyway, I’ve now soldered up 2 of my neopixels and a GEMMA so that they have snaps on the connections I need:


For anyone struggling to solder these on to the neopixels I’ll probably try and post a video going through what you can do to get them on there – I’ve only done one test kit as it were so that I can check whether the connections are all ok, after which for two solid weeks I’ll be in production line mode. Unfortunate since I don’t have any weekends to bomb through them all in…

On to my second piece:


I’ve just written my slide deck for my talk, which is on community spirit which is pretty much what’s brought me on from shy little Charlotte to…slightly less shy Charlotte who’s a lot more proud of her own accomplishments and passionate about volunteering to make the next generation more technology savvy and have less of a gender imbalance.

I’ll be speaking the thursday afternoon, and I’ll also be on the OCR stand advising people on tinkering with the GPIO, wearable technology and my crowd funding project. I’m trying to get rid of business cards so please take one from me if you see me.

There’s also the birthday party friday night, which has so much free swag I’m drooling just thinking about it, so if you’re going to the jamboree make sure you get a birthday party ticket.

If you’re not going to the Jamboree, particularly students who’ve told me they want a raspberry pi, then you should be ashamed of yourselves. Kay?

Link is here, and video on last year’s jamboree is here:


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