Inspiration: that infectious bug you don’t know you’re spreading

I’m having a cheesy and pensieve moment, so that requires a blog. Leave now if you don’t want to read a reheheally cheesy blog post.

I’ve just bagged up 34 gemmas, 72 LEDs, each soldered with 3 snaps to a gemma and 4 snaps to an LED, in an external bag containing 3 pairs of wires, 1 for each type of connection (power signal ground), having programmed each one with an arduino sketch I debugged on friday with the help of Jim and David who I met at Raspberry Jamboree, having recieved funding from my university and from 30 or so people around the country/maybe the world.

This couldn’t be clearer evidence of the inspiration people have had on me, because I’m quite an underconfident person who kind of sat through first year thinking “why are there only 7 girls here, someone should do something” without realising if you want something to change, get up and change it. Inspiration could be having a brilliant conversation with someone who gives you ideas for a new project, or talking at a jam about your big trak, or showing a child how to fix their python or scratch script (or an adult for that matter) – you’ve no idea you’ve done it, but right there you’ve changed that person’s life. That kid you spoke to the other day about your career and your degree might go on to think “hey, if they can do it, why can’t I?” or that 20something year old girl you convinced to give a talk might go on to realise she could carry on spreading the chain of inspiration by organising something on her own.

I told you this was cheesy.

Anyway, what I really want to say is thanks to everyone who’s lead me from the girl sat in the corner or hiding in the back of a lecture theatre to whatever I am now, because you’re all brilliant. However badly my workshop goes tomorrow, never forget the difference you make to other people’s lives by contributing to helping them get where they need to be.

And now I need sleep, because tomorrow is going to be one crazy day…


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