My 21st birthday present


I’m 21 in 2 months and at that stage where my brains gone back to thinking, “crap, I graduate next year”.
Anyway, at Christmas this year I sent my parents a link to some things in pimoroni I’d quite like. Xmas came. They failed me because ” it wasn’t specific enough”.
Recently Gordon sent me a link to a nice little kick starter that apparently, works with surface: link
Whether I want it because ooh shiny or not, I sent this to my dad who backed it and it’ll arrive in July. Eeek!
In other news I’m on a journey back from ‘ull, and I met my project supervisor for next year, so I’m pretty excited about that as its not “a tower defence game” or “something by compscis for compscis”, its a sheet music library with hopefully, conversion or reading of music XML – meaning its editable.


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