Makerfaire UK 2014

Every year for the past few years at Life Centre, Newcastle there’s been the big UK Makerfaire: a bunch of hackers, makers, painters and generally cool people demonstrating what they’ve been working on and teaching people about how to make things for themselves.

Projects vary from putting a raspberry pi in a robot to an automatic knitting machine, and come from a variety of different people and places in the world…including well, me, after an 8 hour journey from Bristol (because I’m cheap and took the coach…).

I’m lucky enough to have a sister who studies/works in Newcastle, so I headed up for the whole weekend and spent the saturday hanging out with some of the coolest people on earth (a lot have and will dispute that sentence).

Since neither my sister nor the friends we were with were hackers or makers, the day started with my sister saying “charlotte, you’re going to have to lead me on this” and quickly I started jabbering away with stall holders about what they were doing, arduinos, IDEs and general costs of sensors and such whilst my company stood kind of bewildered about what the hell I was talking about.

There were some really great projects, I got to meet up with the Mather family, craig and Jim who are of the raspberry pi persuasion, as well as meeting a few people I’d bumped into before at Bristol Hackspace (there was a good 4 or 5 people who’d made the journey – I was pretty impressed!) which is always nice.

Particularly I liked seeing Jim’s latest project (that’s @hackerjimbo incase you want to talk to him yourself) which is a cheaper version of GEMMA/Trinket, but including several LEDs, a battery, a photoresistor (light sensor) and a power switch and for which he reckons he can produce for around £2 – can’t wait to get my hands on one!

Overall a great day, great to see so many people and it’s a shame that Newcastle will probably lose Maker Faire, as Make magazine are intending on having a world international faire in London next year.


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