Future of wireless conference 2014

So recently I’ve entered a bunch of different things. Its kind of nice having this year to be able to guiltlessly go to stuff without thinking “I should be working on coursework”, and particularly good for personal development and decisions on what to do and where to go once I graduate next July (scary thought…I have to actually. Graduate. I can’t start talks with ” hi I’m Charlotte godley and I’m a computer science student from Hull university” from then on…oh my God(ley))

Anyway, today I found out I’m one of five milennials (people from age 18-30 ish) to have won the chance to go to FWIC which stands for Future of Wireless International Conference, happening in Cambridge at the end of June. This is kind of the first step to finding out whether I want to be in embedded systems and where I could end up in terms of employment and degree, and I’m megaly excited and really grateful for the opportunity. There’s going to be lots of different companies and talks there and just. Yeah. I am an excited person.

Also think I’m the only undergraduate to win so err…I must be doing something right.

Another exciting side of this is that Cherie Blair will be talking at the mid-conference dinner, so eek!

A side note, I’ll be giving my first talk that’s not at a raspberry jam and not at IET present around the world at the end of this month for CAS #include as well as running more wearables workshops, so I’m starting to brick that and should probably work on some slides.
So June’s an exciting month…


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