CAS include Saturday plug!

This Saturday I’m talking and work shopping in Barrrth, for an event called Define South, ran by #include, a subgroup of CAS which is a group of educators and professionals trying to make the Computing at School curriculum better.
#include’s aim is as the title suggests, to make the schemes of work inclusive – this doesn’t mean by cutting out the boys and focussing on women, because this isn’t always the best approach, and women, whilst the most accented minority in the media, are not the only minority group. The idea is to make computing accessible and fun for all.

#define is one such event where there’s a bunch of workshops for kids aged 8-13 – personally I’m doing my wearables workshop, and am glad I’m much more organised this time. I even have my worksheets laminated so they’re reusable!

I’m also giving a talk which is pretty scary because I’ve only ever presented to adults on small projects I’ve been working on, so figuring out how to convince a lot of children they want to be computery people like me is quite daunting. However, there’s no live hardware demos, so it should go without a hitch.

If you’ve got a kid you’d like to bring to all of this or come help out (I’m very grateful to say I have a couple of friends coming down with me from Bristol to relieve some stress), the link is here – can’t wait to meet everyone, particularly Emma who’s of the Hull CS alumni persuasion, and get this show on the road!


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