What a year!

Around this time last year I was in France, knowing in 2 months I’d move to Bristol.
But, around a year ago on the 8th of June, I was in York talking to pi people and generally meeting some of my favourite people in the world, totally unaware of my next chapter other than uni.
Some crazy crap I’ve done this year:
– been to 3 jams including cambridge and one jamboree, talked at 3 of those
– helped out with David’s magical mystery networking workshop in Stevenage which gave me the drive to do stuff in Bristol

– organised, ran and continued to improve my own line of wearables workshops

– visited Bristol Hackspace

– seen 31 Gromits

– entered the Lovelace colloquium poster contest at Reading and won

– written for computer weekly about said contest

– entered the Bristol LN IET present around the world competition and won

– entered the south west regional heat of said competition. Didn’t win, but got a great look round Airbus Group’s research department – somewhere I’ve always wanted to know more of.

– entered a competition to win a ticket to a wireless embedded conference and won one of five places, which I’m attending next week.

– visited HP Research in Bristol for a talk on big data and twitterbots

– visited pegasus house for a talk on the A380

– visited Google for a day to learn more about their recruitment process

– visited Queen Mary Uni for a conference on women in Open Source where I made my first contribution

– visited the SS Great Britain 4 times, and the Clifton Suspension Bridge 4 times.

– worked in Python to create a few different applications which actually help design planes.

– visited Toulouse 3 times and seen inside the huge shed in which A380s get tested

– been offered several opportunities which make me very excited for my future.

All in all I think in terms of development, this year’s been awesome – working 9-5 is hard but having the free time to do all this stuff guilt free has been a really great experience and Bristol is a fabulous city to be in.

It’s been a struggle to push through with my friends and loved ones being 3-4-5 hours away from me and I can’t wait to get home, but to anyone puzzling over placements: do one. And make it worth it.
If you can, do one away from home/uni and you’ll see what life is like when you’re finished.


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