#FWIC2014, @ghc and microview

There’s a few things and opportunities I’ve yet to write about so far.

I’m aware recently my posts have been more about the awesome places and events I’ve been able to go to, rather than “hey I got this from pimoroni” or “hey I made something containing LEDs”. Don’t worry – my hacker posts will be back in a little while, although there’ll probably be another big lull during third year.

Anyway, the last event I went to: FWIC, or the future of wireless international conference. I haven’t written about this yet because I’m supposed to be writing something for the official blog, but I figure an abridged version couldn’t hurt.

For this conference I managed to get free entry, due to being of the millennial generation and entering a competition for one of 5 free places – that is, essentially, anyone who’s grown up whilst technology as we know today has been evolving, so anyone under the age of 30ish, the aim being to attract young people into the embedded and in particular, wireless embedded industry.

I had a really good 2 days at Churchill college Cambridge, and went away with lots of confidence in my ability to get into this industry (if that’s what I want?!) and several contacts to make it happen.

Next up is future things: this week I received word that my microview – you can go back in my archive and see what I wrote about that – arrived at Godley HQ, so I should get that by dadtaxi (parents are visiting for the Bristol harbour fest, and to ship some things home as I’m moving out soon) this weekend, so you can expect at least a couple of blogs about using that if I get time in the next couple of weeks.

Last and probably the most exciting announcement I’ve ever written is that last Saturday I found out I’ve won a full scholarship to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in Phoenix, Arizona this October. I’m still finding it hard to believe this is happening and I have lots of things to book and do before this point, but thanks so much to the Anita Borg Institute, and to the companies who sponsor these scholarships every year, for giving me this chance.

I’m incredibly excited. GHC is probably the biggest women in tech event held in a different state in the USA every year, and it should be a great opportunity to network, learn, share and meet more people from around the world.
Plus, y’know, who’d ever pass up a free trip across the pond.


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