Playing with my microview

Today I had a few problems working on other projects, so I started to get going with this lil fella:



As this was my 21st birthday present, my daddy darling picked the 75 dollar reward tier which included a nice learning kit:


It’s pretty sweet as particularly for people who don’t always have the gear to start with arduino straight away, this provides lots of things: LEDs, including 1 RGB LED, resistors, sensors like temperature, photoresistors, flex, but also a motor and a servo, and lots of other things I’ve not mentioned.

Initial thoughts:

As soon as I plugged the microview into my surface, it popped up with a welcome message, a few demos and then a tutorial showing where to plug in wires and eventually, an LED which flashed on and off. This is a brill use of the screen and means it’s literally a plug and play device.

I went on from this to try and get going with changing the code and went over to codebender – I’ve never used this before but heard good reviews. After a few minutes of installing things of which codebender provided all the links for, my microview popped up with “Hello World” and a little image, so sure enough, I signed up for codebender with my github account. As both a windows user and a surface user, I was dead impressed at how easy this was and well, the fact it definitely works with a surface pro 2 is a big plus (bit like the Swiss flag…)…although I’m still thinking of getting rid of my surface. Gotta be honest.

Further thoughts

Anyhoo, that was a few days ago – I then put it down to work on other stuff and to wait for my heart rate sensor to get set up this weekend, but this eve was at a loss for what to hack, so I cracked it out and went through the tutorials which come with the kit ( for anyone who has the same tier as me).

Once again I’m impressed at how smooth all of the tutorials are and how well it explains everything, plus the codebender plugins meaning I don’t have to open up the codebender page and duplicate all the tutorials is amazing. Soon enough I was addicted to completing the tutorials and I’ve now done 9 of them – I’ve only stopped because it’s half 12 and I think I need a break.

^^doing the glowing RGB LED tutorial.

I’m hoping they continue to add to these as there’s still a flex sensor and a shift register unused in my box, but if not I guess that’s a good project to work on, figuring out how the flex sensor works…

What I don’t like

There’s only 1 thing I don’t like: whilst the MicroView kit didn’t cost me anything as it was a present, I’m probably going to reuse it rather than buy another one as they’re a tadge expensive for me while I’m on a student budget. My first intended project is a necklace using my heart rate sensor (I really like making jewelry that lights up, ok!) , but if I for example, connect a jumper up to the pins necessary, that leaves several that will leave pocmarks around my neck…so I’m thinking of 3D printed pin cover with hooks for a necklace chain, but it would be nice if the pins could be retracted or flipped 90 degrees to the sides.


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