A couple of years ago I travelled from Bulgaria to Germany, skipped France and every country in between and flew to Spain.
I think I probably wrote a blog post in every city.
This trip I haven’t for various reasons. FYI this time I did Helsinki (Finland), ferry to Stockholm (Sweden), train to Malmo (Sweden), a 3 hour stop in Copenhagen (Denmark) and then a train to Hamburg (Germany – that train went on a ferry and it still freaks me out), train to Cologne (Germany) and finally, Amsterdam (The Netherlands). All in a period of 12 days.

Its been a really nice trip, some awesome people met, far too much alcohol drunk and money spent. I’m flying back to Manchester later today, and then driving back to Sheffield in the morning.

Next up? Leeds on Friday to drop into Farnell to do some work, Hull in the evening for a friend’s birthday, Bletchley on Saturday for Electromagnetic Field Camp which I’m so excited for, and then Bingley for two weeks to work at an educational ISP.

Hull is then getting me for at max 2 weeks before I head to Phoenix, Arizona for the Grace Hopper Conference. Quite looking forward to being in one place for more than 2 weeks..


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