Gadgets and gizmos: microview and metawear

Recently I needed a break from tearing my hair out over another project, so I had my heart rate sensor insulated


…the wrong way round. Whoops. Luckily its only velcro’d on.

Anyhow, this sensor got given to me by Craig for Christmas, and well. Its been 9 months.

Having seen the microview video feature a blinking heart, I decided I’d use it for that purpose.
I actually cheated here a lot: I pinched the example code from sparkfun’s library and the example code from’s library and smashed them together. The result works pretty well, I just need to figure out a way to make a nonpermanent necklace mod to the microview.

With push the code to github in the morning!


Also my metawear board arrived: not really sure what to think? Have yet to utilise that little guy yet.


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