Hey there, my name is Charlotte Godley.

I’ve just completed my placement year at Airbus Bristol and am heading in to the third and final year of my degree in Computer Science at the University of Hull.

I volunteer as  STEM ambassador which is a program in which adults (17+) in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics try and tempt kids into joining one of these industries and help teachers to inspire them. Through this I’m currently planning for a Wearable Tech workshop with a Guide Unit in March which is being crowd-funded and also supported through my faculty, which I’m hoping to take to as many schools as I can reasonably fit into my timetable. If you have an interest in this please let me know through twitter or commenting anywhere, and also donate if possible!

I love to program, that’s why I chose CS, and I love learning anything about the industry. I’ve attended numerous events on Raspberry Pi, women in technology and general techy goodness, such as Campus Party in 2013 in London. I occasionally pop down to the hackspace in Bristol which is a great place to get fresh inspiration on hardware hacking, which is something I love to do but it’s kind of an antisocial activity if you do it at home.

Raspberry pi is a really great community to be part of and I’ve spoken at several events, which has given me the confidence to volunteer myself for further public speaking events within work and outside work, something I would have ran in the opposite direction from even a year ago.

Another passion of mine is music. At 18 I reached grade 8 clarinet, grade 5 piano, grade 5 theory a few years earlier and grade 3 soprano saxophone a few years before that. I also play cello really badly. I still play in Bristol Concert Windband and have played in a couple of bands at Hull University. Music and computer science cross over quite well because it’s learning a particular way of thinking and reading music, as well as the instrument itself, and I’ve met many technologists who play some form of instrument.

I’d also love the time to learn new human languages – I’ve spent 7 or 8 years learning Spanish and am reasonably proficient. This has given me the opportunity to discover a new culture and widen the range of people I can communicate with.

I consider myself an approachable and friendly person, so if you see me at a jam or event please feel free to grab me, or tweet me at @charwarz



  1. Hi Charlotte – was I surprised to find another MicroView owner just around the corner… I live just over the bridge near Monmouth. Posted some projects on my blog too – but looks nothing as nice as yours! Cheers 🙂

    1. Haha I shall have to check those out 🙂
      Also you’ve just missed me – I moved out of Bristol back to Sheffield last week, end of year placement. Will let you know if I return though 😉

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