Slowly bringing my blog back to life, one post at a time.

Yesterday (writeup on CamJam to come once Zachary finishes something he’s sending me…) I was discussing with a few people my blog problems, and remembered the fabulous David Whale (@whaleygeek) was a subscriber to my blog, and therefore got an email every time I blogged, so in place of google cache I poked him to email me them all.

Dutifully, he did, and the ones I’ve recieved (I think I have another copy of my twitter blog somewhere to post too?) I’ve now posted with the opening header “from the backup vaults of David Whale’s email inbox…”, so mega huge super happy thankyou to the legend that is WhaleyGeek.

Whether or not I’ll be moving on from to self hosted again, I now have all of them in a form I can export and import to other wordpress blogs, and hopefully I won’t be such an idiot not doing backups next time.

I have some more to add from my laptop which is a Cpanel backup of my previous hosting (pre june 2013), but I need to extract those…